Welcome to my Website!

Well, I'm bored, so I'm making an blog basically about my journey through the Mother series cause why not? Imma just talk about the mother series here, it'll be fun. No harm in talking about things I like. go here, its better than this website and this too!

So let's start by talking about how I discovered the mother series. It all started when Undertale came out, I had heard of the Mother series from Super Smash Bros but was not way too familiar. Then my brother told me about Undertale and I played it and I was obsessed. Then one day I watched a little ditty of a video known as Sans's SECRET identity.(and yes, that does mean that a meme got me hooked on one of my favorite games of all time.) but anyways, being the impressionable youth that I was*, I kept thinking about Earthbound, and then one day I downloaded it on my SNES emulator for my PSP, and I LOVED IT. I just loved everything about the wittiness of it, the quirky characters, and everything just felt right, so I just kept going deeper into the Mother series, I got the fan translated version of Mother 3 on cartridge, and got EB beginnings on my 2ds, and ever since, it has held a special place in my heart.

*I actually think that the video is pretty entertaining and has a reasonable amount of evidence to it, I just think that the Mother and Undertale communities are one of the last communities that would appreciate such an outlandish video topic.

Here is how the mother games are ranked for me!

*that's not to it's discredit, it is a great game

this website is still a work in progress, so it is in no way finished. I will probably update it daily to have enough substance to actually be good.

(I don't really know if I have to do this but just to be safe, I have nothing to do with Nintendo in any way whatsoever. I'm just a Mother fan who drove everyone around me crazy by talking about it nonstop, so I just put it on a website instead.)